November 9, 2021

Teach Me Kung Fu in Brighton

Si-Fu Liam and I (Si-Fu Matt) have been training Wing Chun Kung Fu with Si-Fu Chris for over 10 years now and are both working towards our 2nd Technician grades. Lockdown made training almost impossible (we made do with fighting the air for over a year) and teaching just as hard. When restrictions began to lift, we got back into the School as soon as we could but had to continue with punching the air and getting our students to do the same. Contact training eventually came around and we came back with all the knowledge in our heads, but less of the knowledge coming out of our rusty hands. In the last few months we feel like our Kung Fu has recovered and as a School we almost immediately considered branching out, expanding the reach of our Kung Fu classes to more people. We quickly thought of moving towards Brighton, and Liam and I were asked to lead the new School there, and we happily obliged. 

We’ve been training and teaching together for some time and share a Monday adult class between us, working alternate weeks. The thought of having our own classes and sharing the teaching at the same time, both inputting our passion and knowledge at once, thrills us. It also means that we get to train more through teaching at the new School and as we continue to train and teach in Worthing too, we are adding hours of extra time to the crafting of our martial art. We are of the same temperament, similar age, and personality; our interest in Kung Fu lies heavily in the technical skill and beauty of the art above any love of violence, something neither of us, ironically, have. When asked why we do it, we both often cite the reason as being able to protect ourselves and the ones we love. With no love for violence or confrontation, we train Wing Chun with intellectual interest, focussing on our bodies, our minds and the ability to perform it as best as we can. And as well as all of that, our love of the system allows us to relax as we teach it; all our teaching comes from the pools of our passion. We believe training should be enjoyable and safe above all else with no intimidation or fear of getting hurt present. After training and teaching for so long, we’ve learnt that one doesn’t have to be violent or aggressive to be a good fighter: this is almost the opposite when learning Wing Chun Kung Fu. The only qualities we look for in students are the qualities we ourselves have and value: passion, the want to protect themselves and others, patience and a willingness to learn an ancient and highly effective form of Kung Fu. 

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