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Rise to the challenge

Why kung fu ?

Equipping students for life

Self Defence

You will leave your very first lesson having learned something practical that you can use straight away! Your kung fu journey starts with self defence basics


Learning kung fu improves students’ confidence, not only in the training environment but in daily life too. Increased confidence, through mastering new skills


With continued training, the student learns to increase their ability to focus and develops self control.

Wing Chun

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu originated in China and is a very practical style of self defence

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu​

Committed To High Quality And Authenticity

We have a dedicated team of instructors who have been learning the art of Wing Chun for many years. As well as being experts in Wing Chun, they attend regular training to develop their teaching skills and are all DBS checked and First Aid qualified.

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