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We  are passionate about the benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu which is a Chinese martial art and a complete system . Over the last 20 years, we have gained a reputation for fun, engaging classes for students of all ages and abilities.

Equipping students for life

Self Defence

You will leave your very first lesson having learned something practical that you can use straight away! Your kung fu journey starts with self defence basics. As you progress through the system, you will learn how to apply what you’ve learned in a variety of situations.


Learning kung fu improves students’ confidence, not only in the training environment but in daily life too. Increased confidence, through mastering new skills, leads to a change in body language and posture and marks the students as someone less likely to be targeted.


With continued training, the student learns to increase their ability to focus and develops self control.

Wing Chun

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu originated in China and is a very practical style of self defence which can be used by anyone (any size, any build). Brute strength and athletic ability is not required.

Covid-19 – Our Response

Contact Training can resume!

Following the end of restrictions, we are now able to resume contact training in our classes!

However, we understand that Covid-19 hasn’t just suddenly disappeared because we’ve reached 19th July, and as always, the safety, wellbeing and peace of mind of our students, their families and our instructors is paramount. We are therefore looking to keep a number of safety measures in place, at least for the short-term.

  • You’ll still need to book in advance so that we know to expect you
  • All our instructors will continue to wear face coverings while teaching
  • Adult students will be encouraged to wear face coverings when training with a partner
  • Our ventilation and cleaning schedule will continue and all equipment will be sanitised between classes
  • Please let us know if you are feeling anxious about training with us – there are options if you’re not ready to return to full contact training

If you are interested in booking a free trial, please select your preferred class and book a space by clicking here.

All classes will remain available online via Zoom so students who are self isolating (or who just like to stay at home!) are also be able to train.

We have also developed an online 7 day free trial which you can sign up to here and a beginners online introductory course for only £40 which you can access here.


Chris and Amanda Saunders


Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu

Committed to High Quality and Authenticity



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