Fun, action packed sessions that will increase confidence and teach practical self defence. For 4-6 year olds.

MON | WED | TURS | FRI  4.30pm for 45 minutes

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A dynamic and exciting class for ages 7-11 teaching practical self defence in a safe, structured setting.

MON | WED | TURS | FRI 5.30pm for 45 minutes

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A focused and motivated class specifically for those aged 12-17

WED | TURS  6.30pm for 45 minutes


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A friendly and welcoming class for adults of all abilities and backgrounds

MON | WED | TURS  8pm for 2 hours

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Chi Kung

Chi Kung is the art of healthy movement. Using the kung fu forms (alphabet of moves) and related exercises, this class will increase mobility and strength, improve circulation and relieve stress. It will also help you to strengthen the connection between mind and body and improve balance and co-ordination. Many people experience problems due to poor posture and body alignment. Chi Kung will help you to overcome this and move more freely.

  • Thursdays –  8pm – 9pm // Northbrook Barn
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Our family class offers an opportunity for your entire family to join in with an activity together.  You will become healthier, fitter and safer while strengthening your relationships and learning a practical self defence system, while having lots of fun!

We train people of all backgrounds and abilities with professional instruction and individualised attention.

  • Learn self-defence and situational awareness
  • Develop lifelong habits of physical activity
  • Build confidence and take pride in your achievements
  • Establish a new family tradition to share for years to come!

If you want a break from the distractions of everyday life, book a free trial at our family class today. We can’t wait to start you on your kung fu journey!

  • Saturday 10am – 11am

Family Class


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