Kung Fu vs Swimming

Most people agree that learning to swim is an essential life skill. One of the first clubs we sign our children up to is swimming lessons, believing (quite rightly) that it may one day save their lives.

In the same way, martial arts teaches skills that have far reaching consequences, not only essential self defence moves but attitudes and confidence that affect relationships, study and work.

For instance, part of learning kung fu involves learning how to stand up (literally and figuratively!). Improved posture affects the way you breathe, move and stand and people start to perceive you as being more confident! A confident posture will also deter some attackers from picking you as a target in the first place.

Most of us hope that our children will never be subjected to an attack – the idea horrifies us! However, we know that statistically they are likely to come across someone in their lifetime who will try to dominate them or manipulate them in some way. Wouldn’t you like them to have the tools at their disposal to help in that situation?

Imagine your child walking down the street with a sense of assurance radiating from them – shoulders back, head held high, an aura of self-confidence that repels potential threats. Kung Fu not only equips them with physical techniques but also instills mental fortitude and self-assuredness that can be carried into all aspects of life.

Furthermore, kung fu training cultivates an unwavering spirit. Just as the strokes in swimming lessons become second nature, the martial arts forms and techniques become ingrained in your child’s muscle memory. This muscle memory translates to an automatic response in times of crisis. In a stressful situation, the movements they’ve practiced countless times become their shield, empowering them to react swiftly and effectively.

Additionally, kung fu emphasises respect, discipline, and mindfulness – qualities that extend beyond the dojo and into everyday interactions. The mental and emotional strength gained through martial arts practice helps your child navigate challenges with poise and composure. As they face difficulties head-on in their training, they develop problem-solving skills and resilience that serve them well in academic pursuits and professional endeavors.

The value of kung fu stretches beyond physical prowess; it moulds young minds into confident, thoughtful, and empowered individuals. Just as we invest in swimming lessons to ensure our children’s safety around water, investing in kung fu empowers them to take charge of their personal safety and well-being in all areas of life. So, while swimming saves lives in the water, kung fu equips your child to navigate the challenges of life on solid ground. As parents, isn’t that the most precious gift we can offer?

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